Python is a general purpose language that is easy to learn and is widely supported.

Python is a very “respected” language for web development. It has a huge community support and with frameworks like Django and flask, python based web applications are proving to be very reliable. All major cloud platform support python natively.

Python is is the favourite language for data science for building data applications as it makes one highly productive in a short span of time. A vast plethora of scientific libraries such as Numpy, Scipy, pandas etc are available that make interacting with data pain free and fun. Use libraries such as Matplotlib for effective data visualization and comprehension. Python also makes it easy to pair up data with tools such as Scikit-Learn that enables one to run Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms without much ado.

We have three courses within python ecosystem…

  • 1. Python Essentials
  • 2. Python Advanced (for Data scientist and Data Analysts)
  • 3. Python Advanced (for Web Development)