Over 7 billion people in the world, 1 in 3 people are all have access to the internet. Virtually all of them will use the web as a place made up of over 1 billion websites and trillions upon trillions webpages. The web is enormous place but only one informative people are actually involved in software development
In 10 million of the world’s population, every 300 people using the web there’s one person building something that you’re using and possibly even relying on every day the web is useful because it allows us to tap into a lot of information very quickly
The interesting things that those around us are saying the time when it’s most impactful you should learn to program not only because it’s a great career move.
Therefore it’s incredibly satisfying to build something that can touch virtually anyone around the globe because learning how to program can instill in you a greater understanding of how the world works.

Why PHP?

PHP is just one of many languages you should learn. PHP will likely put you in a position where you have learn many other just like SQL or HTML or CSS or JavaScript or Regular Expressions or something else.
Though you have to start somewhere and why not PHP it’s been used by some of the largest websites in the world like Facebook and Tumblr powers some of the most popular wiki and blogging software in the world like wikimedia and wordpress it also runs the smallest web sites in the world. In fact PHP powers the vast majority of the wind which puts it in a very unique position by comparison to a lot of other languages out there, it has a huge community of supporters and contributors that have kept driving for over 20 years
PHP is easy to start with and has no shortage of free information and free open source code to get you going those are all the reasons why it will be easy to learn when you have no prior knowledge experience and programming.

Training USP:

  1. Training in live environment from day one.

  2. Training with coding standards

  3. Practical example based Training sessions

  4. Complete project life cycle

  5. Teaching of how to make technical documentation of projects

  6. Basics of how to make project architecture

  7. Assignment will be given as industry practice

  8. Our testing team will be monitoring your work to guide on bugs and errors.

  9. Project to be developed and will be live project of our clients