Hadoop + Spark

Big Data is everywhere and large organisations are in need of Quality Hadoop professionals. According to McKinsey world needs 1.5 million Hadoop professionals by 2018.

Businesses often face tremendous challenges with regards to how to collect data, where and how to store it and how to manage access to it, that they often lose sight of the most important aspect of big data, that is gaining knowledge and actionable insights from it all. In order to harness the power of big data for competitive advantage, businesses need to invest in specialized hardware, software and require workforce equipped with special skills. Many organisations are pairing sales and transaction data with social media chatter and aspects such demography, geographical distribution etc to identify new customers, personalize offers and to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Hadoop is a key technological component for storing and processing massive amounts of structured or unstructured data and does so in a reliable and fault tolerant way. MapReduce is a framework, that lets one write applications that run in parallel across huge clusters of cheap commodity hardware. Frameworks like Pig and Hive provide an easy way of summarizing or querying data and generating reports that tell a compelling story about the business and opportunities ahead.

Applications based on Hadoop are deployed almost everyday across a wide range of industries.

Retailers deploy Hadoop based solutions for site selection, brand and sentiment analysis, market basket analysis and loyalty program optimization.Financial services organizations leverage Hadoop for applications such as fraud detection, risk assessment etc.

Government agencies deploy Hadoop for purposes such as national security, transportation, law enforcement, health and climate change policies.

Our hadoop course is a hands on approach for understanding all important concepts around Hadoop like HDFS, map reduce and Yarn as well as hadoop ecosystem like a. Pig, Hive, HBase, ZooKeeper, Oozie, Sqoop, Flume and spark.